Where to find the best chicken and waffles in LA

Last time we talked waffles, this time let’s talk about the Holy Grail of Waffles: chicken and waffles. Here’s the deal with me… if chicken and waffles is on a menu, I’m ordering it. Every time. Which means, means I’m constantly on the “chicken and waffles LA” search.

Here’s where I found the best ones…

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

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Obviously Roscoe’s is the first place almost anyone thinks of when you think “chicken and waffles in LA.” I’ve been coming here since I was a kid, and it’s always been solid. The chicken is great, and the waffles have an little extra somethin’ in them that makes them so yummy. I think it’s vanilla, or nutmeg? Whatever it is, it’s the perfect amount of “something” to keep you coming back.

Sweet Chick — Fairfax District

The best Chicken and Waffles LA - @thedashanddine

But if you’re going to ask me for my favorite chicken and waffles in LA, I’ll tell you it’s Sweet Chick. Living right down the street from this place has been a blessing and a curse. Every single day I have to fight the urge to have breakfast, lunch, AND dinner here because they’ve combined my three favorite things: waffles, fried chicken, and cherries. (Yes, they have a dried cherry waffle.) But they also have a TON of different waffle flavors. You must go!

Wolf — Melrose Ave

The best Chicken and Waffles LA - @thedashanddine

You can get your Wolf waffle two ways: plain and with chicken. The chicken and waffle was a thing to behold, and epic to taste. The combo of their “maple whip” and the tasty hot sauce that the waffle rests on is just killer.

Poppy + Rose — Downtown

The best Chicken and Waffles LA - @thedashanddine

Their buttermilk-fried chicken and waffles is fantastic. It’s served with a dollop of smoked honey butter and chives which adds a fresh garden-y taste to Poppy + Rose‘s chicken and waffles that other places don’t have.

33 Taps — Silver Lake

The best Chicken and Waffles LA - @thedashanddine

You can only get the chicken and waffle at the 33 Taps in Silverlake. But it’s more of a chicken fingers and waffle combo — which is perfect for their sports bar vibe. And it’s extra awesome because it all ends up looking like a delicious flower!

Bru’s Wiffle — Santa Monica & Beverly Hills

The best Chicken and Waffles LA - @thedashanddine

There are around seven different ways you can order your chicken and waffles from Bru’s Wiffle. This one is called the “festive chicken”: A waffle topped with chicken and mango pico de gallo and mango sauce. My goal in life is to have ordered every version on their menu.

Fratelli’s — Melrose

The best Chicken and Waffles LA - @thedashanddine
Fratelli also sells these awesome branded coffee tumblers, I’m obsessed with mine.

Our favorite neighborhood breakfast place is Fratelli Cafe because they’re dog-friendly and serve kick-ass waffle in four different combos. But now they’re serving chicken and waffles, and they’re stellar! They said they weren’t putting the combo out until they got the perfect friend chicken batter, and they NAILED it.

Where are your favorite places to get chicken and waffles in LA?

Author: Megan Finley Horowitz

I'm a part-time writer, editor, and full-time eater from Los Angeles. I live with my husband/travel partner, our rescued senior chihuahua and grumpy-ass cat.

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