Eatlanta: These are the best things to eat in Atlanta

It’s no secret that Atlanta is home to some really amazing food. We live here for months at a time and eat at restaurants for almost every meal. So we found some great places to eat. But there were just certain bites that we kept coming back to — certain dishes that you can ONLY get in Atlanta.

Here are our suggestions for the best things to eat in Atlanta. (And then I want to know about yours!)

“Lemon pepper wet” wings

Chicken wings are a staple of Atlanta dining, but you haven’t tasted Atlanta until you’ve ordered some “lemon pepper wet” wings. You can get them at JR Crickets (of Atlanta TV show fame), or order them where they were actually invented, at American Deli.

Donut Brunch

On Sunday mornings BeetleCat has something they call the “Donut Brunch.” And it is one of my favorite things in all of Atlanta. You basically start with an appetizer of donuts, and then order either their Glazed Chicken, which is what you see above: Crispy chicken and a fried egg between two glazed donuts. Or their cheeseburger, which is also sandwiched between two glazed donuts. You HAVE to try it, and enjoy the epic sugar rush afterwards.

“The Farm Egg”

A lot of places in Atlanta serve a “farm egg,” but Empire State South‘s, with crispy rice, a Wagyu hot dog, and marrow butter was our favorite. It was one of my first bites when I came to Atlanta, and I was chasing that dragon for the rest of my trip.

Georgia peaches

Like all things peach, they’re going to be awesome in Georgia but seasonal. So if you see any of these peach items on the menu, GET THEM:

The Grilled Peach Flatbread with caramelized onions, brie, arugula, and balsamic glaze at 5Church Atlanta.

Bocado’s Grilled Peach Crostini. We had this order two different ways — on one big piece of toast, and then as smaller bites — and they both blew the entire table away.

The “Pull Apart Pretzel”

Most everything on the menu at The Porter Beer Bar is kick-ass pub-fare. But their Pull Apart Pretzel — baked in-house, with maldon salt, and served with house-made liquid pub cheese — will make you want to slow down time to so you can chew it forever.

The “Sea Salt Caramel” pop

More than one person immediately told us about King of Pops tasty ice pops when we said we were heading to Atlanta. But one hero told us specifically to try the Sea Salt Chocolate. WOW.

“The Slom”

Yes, Gato is a cat-themed, hipster AF diner with a staff that act like they don’t really care if you’re there or not. But all I have to say is: “duck fat potatoes, garlic confit, bacon cooked cheese eggs, ginger onion, and cilantro sauce.”

“Corn Milk Hushpuppies”

While The Optimist is known for it’s kick-ass seafood, I only care about ONE thing on that menu: The Corn Milk Hushpuppies served β€œbeignet style” with cane syrup butter. They’re listed as a side on their menu, but we ordered them as dessert. And yes, we WILL go to a seafood restaurant just for these puppies.

The “Foul Play”

I’m a chicken and waffle aficionado and Folk Art hit the nail on the head with their “Foul Play.” It’s a fantastic sweet potato waffle topped with perfect fried chicken and a whiskey peach compote. Pour syrup all over that baby and let all those tastes combine to make the perfect bite.

What are YOUR favorite things to eat in Atlanta?

I'm a part-time writer, editor, and full-time eater from Los Angeles. I live with my husband/travel partner, our rescued senior chihuahua and grumpy-ass cat.

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