7 quick, good, and cheap restaurants on Melrose

So you live/work/find yourself on Melrose Ave during lunch or dinner time, and you need to eat on the cheap and quick. Here are the best places to grab a quick but also still delicious meal for cheap. I’m talking $10 and under on Melrose…

1. The Poke Shack

Stop by the newest Melrose cheap eats addition, The Poke Shack, and say “welcome to the neighborhood” with one of their Lil Daddy poke bowls for $9.50. Don’t feel like fish? No problem, you can substitute tuna or salmon for tofu, or get on of their acai bowls for $7.50!

2. Shefa

We’re basically obsessed with Shefa’s Mediterranean cuisine that’s made fresh daily (they even have gluten-free, kosher, and vegan options). This food is fresh, healthy, delicious, and more than expect, as they’ll bring out their Rainbow Platter, which is an assortment of veggie salads.

3. All About the Bread

All About the Bread is the sandwich place that replaced In & Out as #1 on my parents’ “must-eat while in LA” list. And their meatball sandwich is on MY “things to eat before you die” list. Every insanely delicious regular-sized sandwich is only $8.75.

4. Kawaba Rice Ball

This place is perfect for either a full meal on the cheap, or to grab a quick snack when you’re hungry and on the go — their rice balls start at $3.75!

5. Love Baked Wings

I’m not going to say that chicken wings are a healthy eating choice, but at least Love Baked Wings are baked instead of deep-fried… so there’s that. You can choose wings (5 for $7), big drumsticks (2 for $6), boneless (4 for $7), or their vegan chickpea wings (24 for $9!). Then pick the flavor, and the dipping sauce. Although the best thing on their menu, in my opinion, is their carrot fries!

6. M Cafe

When we need a healthy and quick lunch, we always get M Cafe‘s three salad combo for $12. But you can get their two salad combo, or a few of their delicious grain bowls, for under $10. I highly recommend their tuna salad — I don’t even like tuna salad, and I crave theirs, THAT’S how good it is.

7. Chipotle

I don’t really need to tell you about Chipotle, do I? It’s on the corner of Melrose and LaBrea — easy, quick, cheap, yummy.

What are your favorite cheap restaurants on Melrose?

Author: Megan Finley Horowitz

I'm a part-time writer, editor, and full-time eater from Los Angeles. I live with my husband/travel partner, our rescued senior chihuahua and grumpy-ass cat.

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