Our favorite dog-friendly restaurants in LA

We got a dog! That means we’re now constantly on the lookout for dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles. Fortunately we just happen to live in a hotbed of wonderful restaurants that allow dogs.

Here are our favorite places to dine with our pup that aren’t just a squished collection of chairs and tiny tables, in direct sunlight, outside of the actual restaurant…

Terroni — Beverly

That photo above is of our dog Pita (of course she has a food-themed name) hanging out at Terroni. Every time we walk by that place there’s at least one or two cute dog chilling out on their covered outdoor seating area.

Fratelli Cafe — Melrose

Coffee time with #Peezu, who got free treats for being such a good beast. 🙂 #fratellicafe #coffee #dogfriendly

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Fratelli is almost entirely outdoor seating, and so dog-friendly that they have organic dog treats and even a sweet restaurant dog that’s usually hanging out.

Local — Silverlake

This place is entirely outside, but entirely covered and massively dog-friendly.

Sycamore Kitchen — La Brea

With mostly outdoor seating, and Jonathan Gold list-worthy eats, Sycamore Kitchen is a dog and food-lover’s dream.

The Fat Dog — Fairfax & North Hollywood

French fries with this fat dog at #FatDog.

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So dog-friendly, dog is even in their name! But bring some sun screen, because the shady spots will probably be taken.

Swingers Diner — Beverly Blvd

There’s copious amounts of outdoor tables, and copious amounts of dogs actually sitting on the chairs at those outdoor tables.

Sandbox — Melrose

They have a HUGE covered outdoor space (that also has skeeball and Giant Jenga). They’ll also bring you water for your pup.

Wirsthaus — La Brea

You and your dog are welcome to enjoy Wirsthaus’ outdoor “Biergarten.” Extra points for taking a photo of you and your mutt like the one above!

Estrella — Sunset Blvd

This is probably the fanciest place on the list to bring your dog. Estrella’s outside patio wraps around the whole restaurant, is amazingly decorated, and well-behaved dog-friendly.

Home Restaurant — Los Feliz & Silver Lake

The patios at BOTH Home Restaurants are freaking massive with some shady spots, so you’re sure to find a comfortable place to sit. Plus, from the looks of Home’s Instagram account, there are yummy treats for all!

What are your favorite dog friendly restaurants in LA?

Megan Finley Horowitz
I'm a part-time writer, editor, and full-time eater from Los Angeles. I live with my husband/travel partner, our rescued senior chihuahua and grumpy-ass cat.

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