How to use your stomach to help Puerto Rico

This week in LA (October 7-14, 2017) 60+ restaurants, bars, and food trucks are donating all the proceeds from certain meals and drinks to Unidos Por Puerto Rico — providing aid and support to those affected in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane María. Which is awesome, because Mike and I can help Puerto Rico (beyond our previous donations) by just doing the thing we do every day — eating at restaurants!

But since most places only have just one or two charitable things on their menus, I broke down how you can turn this into a restaurant crawl and put your helpful money where your hungry mouth is…

West Hollywood Puerto Rico food crawl

  1. Drink @ Terroni — El Nuevo Dia Daquiri: Puerto Rican rum, simple syrup, lime, splash Averna
  2. Appetizer @ The Hart & The Hunter — Aged cheddar & jalapeño sorullos, smoked paprika-scallion aioli
  3. Drink @ Fat Dog — The “Puerto Rican Support Dog” white rum, freshly muddled blackberries, lime, agave, mint
  4. Main @ Delilah — Churrasco, chayote mojo, arroz con pollo, ensalada de aguacate
  5. Dessert @ NoMad Truck (only if it’s at Coffee Coffee) — Milk & Honey soft-serve

The Petit Plex for Puerto Rico

  1. Drink @ Petit Trois — Rum cocktail
  2. Appetizer @ chi SPACCA — Foccacia di recco
  3. Appetizer @ Osteria Mozza — Burrata + bacon
  4. Main @ Pizzeria Mozza — Margherita pizza

The super-filling and super-drinky Downtown crawl

  1. Miro — Little Walter Rides Again: whiskey, lime, bitters
  2. Harbor House — Asopao, tomato chicken and rice stew, smokey bacon, avocado, cilantro. And the Bee Sting: mezcal, mandarin cordial, honey, lime, orange bitters, bee pollen
  3. Border Grill — Puerto Rican plantain shrimp and Mojito
  4. Pez Cantina — Lengua frita, bacon-plantain mofongo, habichuelas negras, pickled onions. And The Amor por San Juan: island spice-infused Mount Gay rum, coconut, peanut “mazapan”, clove honey, fresh lime

Hurry and check out LA Loves PR for more information,
because this satisfying way to help support Puerto Rico will be done by the weekend.

Megan Finley Horowitz
I'm a part-time writer, editor, and full-time eater from Los Angeles. I live with my husband/travel partner, our rescued senior chihuahua and grumpy-ass cat.

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