Wifi while you eat: Our favorite restaurants with wifi in LA

Restaurants with wifi in Los Angeles @thedashanddine

We’re both writers, so we spend most of our days eating and typing, and sometimes doing both at the same time. This means we are in need of great cafes and restaurants with wifi in LA.

Our needs are this: comfortable seating, free wifi, not so busy that we feel guilty for camping out at a table for a couple of hours, bonus points for access to outlets.

If your needs are similar, this is our list of the best LA restaurants with wifi…

Le Pain Quotidien
Melrose, Larchmont, and Beverly Hills

Restaurants with wifi in Los Angeles @thedashanddine

Or “LPQ” as we like to call it, is a glorious chain restaurant that’s always a go-to option for a working meal.

  • Good and even healthy food
  • Free wifi
  • Outlets available if you get lucky
  • Communal tables for group wifi-ing
  • Staff won’t make you feel like shit for staying a while.

Delice Bakery — Beverly Blvd

  • Good food or just get a coffee.
  • Free wifi
  • Some outlets depending on where you’re sitting.
  • Staff won’t make you feel like a jerk

Fratelli Cafe — Melrose

Fratelli’s chicken and waffles.

On weekdays, this is our favorite place to work in the mornings.

  • Great food, or just get a coffee during the week.
  • Free wifi for two hours
  • No outlets
  • Staff is awesome and won’t make you feel bad… unless it’s on a weekend — they get too busy to stay and work.

Twist Eatery — Hancock Park

This is easier as a single worker than a doubles team, because the tables are too small to fit two laptops and food. But…

  • Great food
  • Free wifi
  • No outlets
  • You’ll feel bad if you stay while it’s busy

Republique — Hancock Park

Restaurants with wifi in Los Angeles @thedashanddine
This option is only available during the day, and probably only first thing in the morning on weekdays, otherwise this place is a crowded shit show and at night it’s a fancy-ass restaurant.

  • Great food
  • Free wifi (although spotty)
  • No outlets
  • Huge space so you won’t feel like a jerk for lingering

Brick and Scones — Larchmont

If you find yourself on Larchmont and all the coffee shops are full, we guarantee Brick and Scones will have some open tables. But the deal you make to work there is that food is bad.

  • Bad food, but you can easily just order coffee
  • Lots of open tables
  • Some outlets
  • Staff won’t bother you at all.

Coffee + Food — Larchmont

Located almost on the corner of Melrose and Larchmont, Coffee + Food has it all:

  • Great food — sandwiches, quiches, and pastries
  • Free wifi
  • Outlet
  • The staff is fine with you hanging out. They just ask that you don’t take up four tops when it’s busy.

Paper or Plastik Cafe

Restaurants with wifi in Los Angeles @thedashanddine
Greek yogurt + granola + berry combo at Paper or Plastik
  • Great food
  • Free wifi (no password necessary!)
  • Lots of rules about where you can sit if you’re gonna work.
  • Staff will make you feel like a jerk if you stay too long

Mardi — West Hollywood

We think of Mardi as the public Soho House that you can bring your dog to. The decor is lovely, the clientele is often celebrities, and no one’s ever there during the day.

  • Great food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner — but don’t work here during dinner)
  • Free wifi
  • No outlets
  • The staff will be bummed if you camp for too long. Unless you’re inside and not on the patio, and then they may not remember you’re there. 😉

Point Five Espresso Bar — Beverly Grove

Yogurt bowl and laptop at Point Five.

This place is our newest favorite place for breakfast and wifi in our neighborhood.

  • Great food (with some healthy options) and amazing coffee and pastries
  • Free wifi
  • The staff is very friendly and fine with you hanging out.

Beefsteak — Melrose Ave

Work and Oaxacamole bowls at Beefsteak

Beefsteak is the vegetarian sister restaurant of Wolf. It’s only open for breakfast and lunch and it’s usually a very calm place to work (even on the weekends!).

  • Great food (also healthy!)
  • Free wifi
  • One outlet
  • The staff is fine with you hanging out. We’ve even seen a guy set up an entire desktop computer at one of their tables!

Those are our favorite go-tos for restaurants with wifi in LA, we’d LOVE to hear yours! Leave ’em in the comments…

Author: Megan Finley Horowitz

I'm a part-time writer, editor, and full-time eater from Los Angeles. I live with my husband/travel partner, our rescued senior chihuahua and grumpy-ass cat.

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