How to make a Pisco Sour (according to Peruvians)

Hola from Peru! We’re deep in the Sacred Valley on our trek towards Machu Picchu. But we’ve found strong enough wifi + just enough time to post something we learned that involves alcohol!

A Pisco Sour made in the Huacahuasi Valley in the Andean mountains of Peru.

If you’re looking for something fun to serve at your New Years Eve party, or just looking for a quick way to get your friends tipsy (Peruvian pisco can range from 60-80 proof!) we learned this recipe in Peru for their national cocktail — the Pisco Sour.

We’ve been drinking and enjoying them all through our time in Peru, but we haven’t been able to drink as many as we’d like because alcohol and altitude don’t mix very well. But, thanks to some friendly locals in the Huacahuasi Valley, we learned how to make them for ourselves once we get home/back to sea level!

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Gifts for drinkers and wine-lovers: The coolest & classiest alcohol gifts!

Need gifts for drinkers, wine-lovers, and party animals in general? I’ve rounded up some of the coolest and even classiest alcohol gifts for your favorite booze-hounds…

Cute ways to drink…

flask bracelet - alcohol gifts from @thedashanddine
Give someone the gift of being the most stylish sneakily drunk person at your office with this flask bracelet!

Gifts for drinkers animal head shot glasses -- alcohol gifts from @thedashanddine
Animal head shot glasses. Right-side up, they’re adorable animal heads. Upside-down, they’re adorable vessels for gettin’ drunk.

gifts for drinkers - hot toddy glasses -- alcohol gifts from @thedashanddine
Meet the cutest hot toddy glasses in existence! Now no one needs worry about how to make the perfect hot drink on a cold day with this pair of glass mugs.

Fancy cups

This Moscow Mule set is the real deal — 100% copper — the perfect way to a moscow mule, and to class up your kitchen when they’re not in use. This gift set also comes with a shot glass, coasters, and a cocktail recipe guide!

pineapple-cup -- alcohol gifts from @thedashanddine
This pineapple cup is the coolest thing ever! It’s 2-piece tumbler cup from The Pineapple Co. with a removable lid that inverts to use as a stand for serving your favorite drink!

BYOB anywhere with these…

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