What to pack for Bogota with tips from someone who lives there

Clearly my color palette is of blacks and greys, feel free to wear more color than I do. BONUS: Most of these things can be either purchased from Amazon or Target.

We were heading for Colombia in December, and my huge question was: what to pack for Bogota? Fortunately, we have friends who’ve been living and working in Colombia for a couple years (shout out to Narcos!). So we reached out to them to get some tips on what to pack for Bogota in December. Although most of these tips will work for any time of year!

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The “bacano” bites and best restaurants of Bogota

Cheers, from one of my favorite restaurants in Bogota.

Bogota is an amazing foodie destination — one could even say it’s “bacano” — but it’s really underrated. It’s feels like New York with a South American flair. We were visiting friends who live in Colombia, and they took us to some of the best restaurants in Bogota.

Where to stay if you want to walk to restaurants…

We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Bogota. It’s a fairly nondescript business hotel, unremarkable, except for its fantastic location — Zona G. The G in “Zona G” is for “gastronomy,” and with good reason — it’s basically three square blocks of great restaurants!

Here are the best restaurants in Bogota…

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