Hitch a ride on a Vancouver seaplane for a magical vehicular tourist activity

We not only used our time in Vancouver seek out all the best restaurants, but we also accomplish one of my lifetime goals: TO RIDE ON A FREAKING SEAPLANE!

I have long believed — since growing up watching Baloo von Bruinwald XIII pilot the Sea Duck in Talespin — that seaplanes are the most kick-ass of vehicles. They are magical. They are amazing. They are boats that become planes and then planes that become boats, and sometimes they can even ski!? My mind boggles.

Mike discovered my love of seaplanes when I forced us to stop, mid-bike ride around Stanley Park, to endlessly watch the Vancouver seaplanes become boats and then turn into planes again.

traveling in a seaplane vancouver - @thedashanddine
The look on my face is pure excitement.

We were hoping that we could take advantage of a free weekend in Vancouver to fly from Vancouver to Victoria by seaplane. But since it we only had Canada Day weekend free, the prices were inappropriately high (even for magical modes of transportation).

So instead we just did a quick seaplane tour with Harbor Air instead. Which was clearly equally as thrilling for me, as you can see here: Continue reading “Hitch a ride on a Vancouver seaplane for a magical vehicular tourist activity”

20+ fantastic Vancouver restaurants to satisfy every craving

Click here to see an interactive map of our favorite Vancouver restaurants.

We spent a lot of time in Vancouver when Mike was producing a TV show. Every night and every weekend (when he wasn’t working) we’d scour the city for the best places to eat in Vancouver, and found a little over twenty places we loved.

Here’s our list of our favorite Vancouver restaurants (in a vague order of preference)…
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