Maui restaurants that’ll take you on a culinary vacation

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My family has been living on Maui for over twenty years, and I’ve been visiting the island for long lengths of time — so much so that it’s become my second home. Over the years I’ve narrowed down my favorite Maui restaurants… these are the places that I hit up no matter if I’m there for one week or one month. These places are no ka oi and are must-visits on your Maui vacation: Continue reading “Maui restaurants that’ll take you on a culinary vacation”

My answer to the question: “What should I do in Maui?”

Sometimes I'm like "really Maui!? You're ridiculous with all this amazingness."
Sometimes I’m like “really Maui!? You’re ridiculous with all this amazingness.”

I’ve been spending long periods of time in Maui steadily, since 2005. So it’s not surprising that every time a friend of mine books a trip to Maui, I get asked: “What should I do in Maui?” “What are the things I have to see while I’m in Maui?” “Where should I eat in Maui?” I’ve answered this so many times, that I have a auto-response email. But then I thought… why hide all that Maui goodness under wraps.

Most of these suggestions are based on my side of the island (South Maui), but I’ve tried to spread the love all over. So, here are my must do’s, must see’s in Maui…

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