The not-to-miss, best restaurants in Edinburgh

After our quick trip to London for my birthday, we headed off to Edinburgh to produce our show for the Fringe Festival. Recently, I was asked for not-to-miss things to do in Edinburgh. Since we were only there for the Fringe Festival, we didn’t have much time to explore… except for restaurants. So if we can give anyone travel tips, it’s on the best restaurants in Edinburgh!

Here were our favorite places to eat…

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#EatDrinkDesire: My birthday trip to London

This is our oral history of my 35th birthday trip to London!


Megan: Somewhere between LA and London, hovering between 34 and 35-years-old, as most of the plane slept, a flight attendant noticed that I was awake and excited told me to run up past first class (“tell ’em Selina sent you”) and look out the window to see the Northern Lights.

With my heart pounding, I raced past the un-aware passengers, blew through curtains, avoided the feet of the lay-flat first class, and pressed my face up against the tiny window in an emergency exit door. Sure enough, there they were: Pale and bright green lights, shimmering in the sky.

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