My ode to the best travel pet carrier ever

I agonized for weeks over what pet carrier to get for Pita. She’s a small dog (8-10lbs) but not a TINY TINY dog. And the space under airline seats (much like overhead bins) are so unpredictable. I also didn’t want to have to carry her on my shoulder the entire time (bad back). So I needed something big enough for her to move around comfortably in, but not so big that it didn’t fit under any seat, and something that I could wheel and/or wear like a backpack.

After opening about approximately 36 Amazon pages of travel pet carriers, I started whittling away at them… This one’s not squishy enough, this one looks to small, this one doesn’t have wheels, this one gets shit reviews, this one is just a super-ugly color. (Yeah, I started to get really petty at the end.) And then there was The Snoozer… It had wheels, backpack straps, could sit upright, or flat on the ground, got great reviews, and had this adorable chihuahua photo as an example:

wheeled pet carrier chihuahua

It seemed like a sign. So I Amazon Primed that bitch for my bitch. And guess what — half a dozen flights and many many car rides later — I’m in love with this wheeled pet carrier. Here’s why…

As a wheeled pet carrier

It wheels like a dream, and the extender is sturdy and easily collapsible. And it also works great as a backpack. It also has a little leash clip inside of it, so you can attach it to your pup and wheel them around en plein air without worries.

In the car

Pita peeks her head out of her carrier to see the view from the Golden Gate Bridge.

I love this for the car — I can fasten it in with a seat belt, or put it down on the floor at my feet, and I always feel like she’s super safe.

Under the seat

But here’s where it really is magic…

Under the middle seat.
Under the middle seat.

The medium size has fit under every airline seat so far (and I sit on the aisle, which usually has the smallest amount of space, for some reason). The bottom wheels easily slip on and off, so you can really squish it around to fit any spacial dimensions.

Under the aisle seat.
Under the aisle seat.

And then, when the flight is over, you can slide the wheels back on off we go!

As a bed

Pita made herself comfy while we were getting ready for our wedding. (Photo by Wild About You Photography)
Pita made herself comfy while we were getting ready for our wedding. (Photo by Wild About You Photography)

Then when we get to where we’re going, her pet carrier turns into her bed. I purchased a small pet bed that fits right inside. Then throw in a blanket. And Pita immediately took to it.

And you can get one for your fur baby on Amazon right now — it’s pricey but worth it!

Already have a travel pet carrier? What are you using? Do you love it? Tell me about it in the comments!

Megan Finley Horowitz
I'm a part-time writer, editor, and full-time eater from Los Angeles. I live with my husband/travel partner, our rescued senior chihuahua and grumpy-ass cat.

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